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Beastgirl for fantasy football. White metal. Height is 27mm to eye level.
5,00 €
Female Werewolf
Female Fantasy-Football Werewolf. Height 33mm to Eye level. White metal.
5,50 €
Female Minotaur "Beefgirl" for fantasy football
Female Minotaur, suitable for fantasy football. Height is 38mm to eye-level. Please note that she is not as massive as other "Big Ones". She is a slim female and tall, but not very heavy.
7,00 €
Minotaur Beer Babe Bar Wench
Minotaur Tavern Wench. White Metal. Height is 43mm to eyes.
9,50 €
Female Cow Centaur for Fantasy Football
Female Cow Centaur for Fantasy Football. Cast in Resin. Height is 49mm to eye level.
13,99 €